Put your safety in our hands

 The need for robust, reliable and well-built fire detection and fire prevention systems is critical to the overall safety of a building, whether that is commercial or residential property. Equally important, is the need for such systems to be installed and maintained to an equally high standard. At Dynamic, our number one priority is your safety. We can provide a complete protection service right from design to your individual premises to the installation and commissioning of your system. 
Fire Alarm Systems - Fire Engine - Dynamic ME

Fire alarm systems

We can offer a wide range of monitors and detectors to protect you, your homes and your businesses from fire damage. Whether you run a small office or maintain a handful of warehouses, our fire alarms are not only designed for your peace of mind, but for saving your livelihood or even your life. 

Smoke Vent - Chimney - Dynamic ME

Smoke vent systems

Whether your building project is residential, commercial, healthcare or educational, a smoke ventilation system must be included as part of your overall fire strategy for the building. We can offer you a range of comprehensive natural and powered smoke vent systems, suitable for any size and type of building. 

Sprinkler Systems - Watering Can - Dynamic ME

Sprinkler systems

The automatic sprinkler system is the most commonly used fire protections system today. Our sprinkler systems are designed to provide immediate fire defence to protect lives and minimise material losses in your building. It has been proven that most building fires are controlled by sprinkler systems, having being managed well in advance of fire authorities being in attendance. 

Disabled Alarm - Dynamic ME

Disabled alarm systems

Disabled toilet alarm systems are essential in commercial properties including both modern and refurbished buildings. We will cater for all applications, from stand alone systems to fully integrated networks.
Wireless Alarms - Siren - Dynamic ME

Wireless alarm systems

Choose a Dynamic wireless alarm system, and you're choosing protection that features the latest security technology. Your property and security requirements are unique to you, which is why our wireless systems are designed to best suit your project needs. 


What our clients say about us...

“The guys who did the installations have all contacted me a few days after the install to ensure everything is still running smoothly.”
Implementation Manager
“Throughout the process I felt always updated of progress and potential problems anticipated. This allowed us to take necessary steps to avoid delays or to make necessary corrections to the plan. ”
Parklane Group
Managing Director
“You've delivered exactly what was promised to a very high standard and your customer service is excellent, as are your response times.”
Project Manager
“Dynamic helped us make changes for future projects to save on unnecessary costs. Usually it’s in the contractors interest to ignore this. This level of transparency is really what sets Dynamic apart.”
Parklane Group
Project Support Manager
“Dynamic provide excellent service with extremely knowledgeable and very friendly staff.”
Head of Infrastructure
“The team delivered where others have let us down before, completing the project both on time and on budget to a high quality standard. ”
Kirklees College
Head of Infrastructure
“Dynamic bring a personal touch to their work and give clients the attention they deserve. They're professional at all times and everything they deliver is absolutely spot on.”